Pregnancy is going to alter your body, mind and way of thinking.
You realize how fragile life is and will continue to be.
Everything will grow wider, rounder and most definitely weirder.
I will be here to portray the beauty and self sacrifice it takes to create a Miracle!

* I supply dresses and outfits

Eight digital images
downloadable gallery
Two 8x10 prints


Fresh 48 
  Fresh 48 is special because there are very few (if any) things more raw,
important and emotional in life than having a baby.  For a lot of moms and
parents the first couple of hours and days after delivery can be a blur because
of all the changes, actual labor and post delivery. I want you to REMEMBER
how beautiful the two of you looked as brand new parents.
I want you to REMEMBER how it felt to look at your brand new baby and
to DETAIL how fresh and new they looked just coming into the world. There’s nothing like it.
25+ digital images
Five 8x10 prints
Downloadable Gallery



Newborn Photography

When Parents take the leap and decide to invest in the creation of beautiful Art
that depicts a moment in time of their precious new child, they are investing in
a once in a lifetime memory that will last Forever. 

                                                                                              All sessions come with a downloadable Gallery. 

                                                                                                       Ask about the cost of a USB

*I supply all the props and outfits

Package One 

One set
six digital images
One 8x10 print

Package Two

Two Sets
Eight digital images
Two 8x10 prints

Package Three

Three sets
10 digital images
Four 8x10 prints + four 4x6 prints


Cake Smash or  First Birthday

Celebrating the First Year has become a popular trend over the past few years.
There are so many different ways of creating a personalized theme for each baby.
  You can choose  bubble bath, milk bath or fruit bath, the options are literally endless!

                                              Package One                                               

One Set
six digital images
One 8x10 print 

Package two

Two Sets 
Eight digital images


Package Three

Two sets
plus a Bubble/milk bath
Ten digital images
Two 8x10 prints + four 4x6 prints



Grow with Me Bundle
With the Grow with Me Bundle you can watch your Wee One grow from the moment they enter the Womb.
The Grow with Me Bundle Includes
Maternity, Newborn,
Six Month Sitter's Session
first year Cake Smash
a Family Session
Includes One 8x11 print  and
Six digital images  per session 



Do It Your Way Photography has changed gears and has decided

to focus on the family starting at the beginning of life in a mothers womb.

I still will be doing requested sessions from clients.

Feel free to contact me with your photography requests!